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Modern trends in residential interiors are in the direction of expanding the main room in the home where the family spends most time and this space usually unites the kitchen, living room and living room. In this article, we at ARcommerce are going to present you the benefits of having a bartop or island in your kitchen and it being a quality material.

The housing distribution

Often the residential layout, in apartments, offers one such common and larger room and separately a different number of bedrooms and bathrooms. For single-family homes, the planning is similar. Typically, the entire ground or first floor is this type of sprawling and unified space. On the second and possibly the third floor there are bedrooms, a study, sanitary facilities, etc.

Particular emphasis on the sprawling main room of the home in question was given even more emphasis during the pandemic. When we all, for better or worse, spent more time at home with our loved ones. We spent more time preparing food, watching more movies and playing board games. And it is at this point that people with more spacious kitchens and living rooms have appreciated this advantage of their homes, and those with smaller living spaces have taken steps to look for new homes, as seen recently in the construction and real estate boom.

Barplot, island in the kitchen

Studies show that about 70% of home buyers would like to have a bartop or island in the kitchen. And 50% consider this interior element a must. Kitchen barplots or so-called. islands, serve different purposes. From purely practical – a place to prepare food, to aesthetic – creating a visual element in the space, as well as increasing the functionality and efficiency of the room.

Adding these important elements to your kitchen is certainly a serious investment and that is exactly why the choice of material they will be made from is not unimportant.

This is where the wide variety offered by AR Commerce of Cimstone technical stone comes in. An island would occupy a significant space in your kitchen and it is important that it matches both the colour and style of your taste and the rest of the room’s interior, as well as functionally meeting the demands and dynamics of modern life. Namely – to be easier to maintain, not easily damaged and durable over time. Well, we can now rest assured as Cimstone technical stone is beautiful and timeless and meets all these requirements perfectly.

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