About Cimstone

Кухнята – сърцето на всеки дом! В тази статия ние от “ARCommerce” ще ви представим най-важната, според нас, част от уютния дом. Това е кухнята. Ако ви е интересно как може да превърнете вашата кухня в място, от което няма да искате да си тръгнете останете докрай.

Why is the kitchen one of the most important places in every home?

When designing the interior of a home, why do we give the kitchen the most important place?

Perhaps because since ancient times people have considered the place where they prepare their food as sacred.

It is the heart of the home. In preparing the food, the mother puts all her love for her children and family. The host shows hospitality to his guests, and the man in love to his beloved.

In order for us to truly feel the comfort and warmth of a home, its heart – the kitchen – must predispose us, make us feel comfortable and the atmosphere must allow us to let loose.

How do we furnish our kitchen? – The kitchen – the heart of every home!

The colours and shapes we choose should suit our personality and character. And how different people are in the world! And that’s exactly why the choice of colours, textures and patterns in one of the key elements of the modern kitchen, namely Cimstone technical stone from AR Commerce, is huge. From colour varieties of white, ecru, grey and variations of black, with gloss or more matte, with marble effect, with different shade or finish…

There are also different types of treatments – from antique profiles to polished edges, polished fronts, double and single-sided rounding or chamfering.

The variations of shapes and colors for your kitchen countertop or island are undeniably many and only the sky is the limit to your imagination or that of your designers. You can see the full range of colours here.

What should you expect from quartz?

In the factory where Cimstone technical stone is produced, hundreds of square meters of technical quartz stone can be produced in a particular color and finish. However, it is important to keep in mind that the products contain 93% quartz, which is mined from quarries in various locations. It is normal for quartz from different quarries to be different in hue, just like other natural stones. In the production itself, the quartz pebbles can be unevenly distributed in the weak and this can give a slight difference in shade depending on the amount of pebbles. This applies most to the marble effect series. It is these small differences, however, that make engineered stone unique because it is similar in appearance to natural stone, while being much longer lasting and durable.

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