Technical stone

Beautiful design and exceptional strength

AR Commerce ‘s technical quartz-based stone combines the beauty of natural stone and the strength of quartz. It has antibacterial properties, making the seemingly ordinary technical stone suitable for countertops and flooring in rooms with impeccable hygiene.


Elegant and Original

With its beautiful colors and different textures, the technical quartz stone provided by AR Commerce is a perfect solution for furnishing modern kitchens, bathrooms and other rooms.

Easy to clean

Our technical stone is smooth and shiny like quartz. It is easy to clean, does not retain water and stains. Always looks like new

Hygienic and safe

The compact stone structure offered by AR Commerce does not absorb liquids, making it highly hygienic. Additionally, quartz surfaces improve indoor air quality.

Different areas of use

Technical quartz stone is suitable for all kinds of surfaces – kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, walls, floors, bathroom vanities. Additionally, it can also be used to accentuate a detail in the room.

Nature Friendly

Çimstone is created from recycled materials using innovative technology, with conservation of natural resources in mind

Exceptional durability and strength

Natural quartz is an extremely strong material. Our quartz based technical stone is resistant to scratches, abrasion, acids and various food products such as olive oil, lemon, spices, wine, vinegar and fruit juices.

Technical stone

Comfort in the kitchen with technical stone from “AR Commerce”!

Guaranteed quality, strength, durability and sustainability, beauty, practicality and much more. These are all proven characteristics of technical stone. And the brands that “AR Commerce” offers in BulgariaCimstone, Belenco and
, also offer a wide variety of colours to suit all tastes. What more could a man want for the heart of his home – the kitchen?

How to choose a technical stone?

The choice of technical stone for a kitchen countertop or when furnishing a bathroom, when building a hotel reception desk or a bar area in a restaurant, countertops in laboratories is factually based and supported by a number of arguments:

  • Strength, resistance and durability

The technical stone created on the basis of quartz is distinguished by exceptional strength. Processed with state-of-the-art technology, it becomes one of the hardest materials. Its high durability has been proven even in rooms with high intensity of use. After years of use, your engineered stone countertop will look the same as the day it was installed.

  • Aesthetics through technical stone

Visually reminiscent of natural stone and offering many more variations of colour and pattern, engineered stone adds an exceptional elegance to any room. The range of colours and different treatments are suitable for every taste and for the boldest interior solutions.

  • Practicality

Technical quartz stone is not damaged by bending and impact, does not easily crack or break during cutting and transportation, is not scratched by metal objects, does not absorb liquids and does not retain stains. The smoothness that is lacking in natural stone, which has bumps and roughness, implies very easy cleaning and maintenance.

  • Hygiene and safety

Technical stone ensures a high level of hygiene in the home, office, hotel, restaurant, laboratory. It even has antibacterial properties. It is absolutely safe to prepare food directly on the countertop, without the risk of salmonella and E-coli. Quartz has been shown to possess healing properties and stimulate brain functions. It removes negative energy and attracts positive energy.

  • Environmental

The production of technical stone does not depend on or deplete natural resources. In its processing, environmental protection requirements such as the judicious use of natural resources, waste recycling, wastewater filtration and the production of materials harmless to human health are strictly observed.

Our high-quality worktops and finishes will serve you faithfully for many years, contributing to wise consumption and a responsible attitude towards the environment.

  • Natural material

Technical composite stone is a product created technically, but containing mostly the natural material quartz-93% and only 7% resins. We can conclude that technical stone combines the best properties of the natural material – quartz, but at the same time, through 7% resins, avoids the cracks and roughness of natural stone.

Why choose AR Commerce?

AR Commerce is a leading importer of technical stone from established brands – Cimstone, Belenco and Coante for Bulgaria and the region. Large stock levels, fast deliveries, the expertise of the consulting team are just some of the reasons to trust the company when choosing.

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