Beautiful design and exceptional strength

Cimstone’s technical quartz-based stone combines the beauty of natural stone and the strength of quartz. It has antibacterial properties that make it suitable for countertops and flooring in rooms with impeccable hygiene.


Colour range - Cimstone

100 Hierapolis

170 Etna

175 Keops

220 Artemis

332 Lapaz

345 Lebedos

402 Arcadia

465 Hermes

470 Fugue

550 Alpino

580 Kromite

614 Mirat

645 Boreas

725 Mora

759 Savannah

811 Elvas

815 Smyrna

870 Tundra

875 Linen

997 Carbone

890 Terra

880 Toros

900 Lapland

911 Gharma

912 Troas

925 Nebula

930 Ares

935 Versilia

936 Olympos

955 Barents

990 Sineda

995 Nephila

    Each batch of weaknesses reflects the characteristics of the quartz used.

    This may result in slight differences in texture and colours of the final product.

    Types of processing

    Antique profile Holker for 4 cm

    Antique profile Holker for 2cm

    Polished edge with minimal chamfer

    Antique profile Holker for 2cm

    The cello is worked under the gerung

    Polished face with one-sided chamfer - undercut /20mm+20mm/

    Double-sided rounding ½ R-sole /20mm+20mm/

    One-sided rounding ¼ R - undercut /20mm+20mm/

    One-sided chamfer - undercut/20mm+20mm/

    Unilateral rounding ¼ R

    Anti-spill board with ½ R

    Polished edge with 5mm chamfer

    Elegant and Original

    With its beautiful colors and different textures, the technical quartz stone provided by AR Commerce is a perfect solution for furnishing modern kitchens, bathrooms and other rooms.

    Easy to clean

    Our technical stone is smooth and shiny like quartz. It is easy to clean, does not retain water and stains. Always looks like new.

    Hygienic and safe

    The compact stone structure offered by AR Commerce does not absorb liquids, making it highly hygienic. Additionally, quartz surfaces improve indoor air quality.

    Different areas of use

    Technical quartz stone is suitable for all kinds of surfaces – kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, walls, floors, bathroom vanities. Additionally, it can also be used to accentuate a detail in the room.

    Nature Friendly

    Çimstone is created from recycled materials using innovative technology, with conservation of natural resources in mind.

    Exceptional durability and strength

    Natural quartz is an extremely strong material. Our quartz based technical stone is resistant to scratches, abrasion, acids and various food products such as olive oil, lemon, spices, wine, vinegar and fruit juices.

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