As ordinary consumers, we do not have the expertise to recognize in detail the types of materials we implement in our home, office, hotel. But the variety on offer is increasing and so is our choice. Usually among the variety, our choice is based on criteria related to high quality or at least the most optimal price-quality ratio.

Fortunately, for kitchen and sanitary worktops, as well as reception and bar tops, this optimum option between high quality, durability, easy maintenance and affordable price exists in the form of Cimstone. This is a technical stone manufactured to the highest quality standards of Italian Breton technology.

Unfortunately, however, as with any strong and established brand, copies of the original are produced. And with Cimstone there are products that do not match the high quality of the brand. Some of these we can safely call fakes.

At first glance, it is not easy to understand the brand of the kitchen or sanitary countertop. That’s why since 2009, Cimstone has put a special code on the back of every one of its slacks. Thanks to this code, you can track the origin of each of your orders. Do not hesitate to ask the furniture manufacturer of your kitchen or the interior designer who recommended the technical stone to you about its origin and the relevant code. And if you have any questions and doubts you can always email us at or call us at tel. 0888959843, because we insist on personal care for our customers and on maintaining the image and high quality standards of the Cimstone brand.

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