About Cimstone

When we talk about applications of engineered stone, the first thing that comes to mind is the kitchen countertop. Perhaps because in recent times, with the boom in new housing construction, this is the preferred material for kitchens in private homes – be it houses or apartments. And not in vain – the qualities and advantages of established brands of technical stone, such as Cimstone, offered in Bulgaria by AR Commerce are undeniable: strength and durability, smoothness, aesthetics and shine, easy cleaning, antibacterial properties.

And precisely because of all these benefits, Cimstone technical stone is gaining more and more popularity and is having more and more widespread application. Manufactured using patented Italian Breton technology. All of the above advantages are also guaranteed by the quality management system certificate. TS EN ISO 9001:2015.

Sanitary applications of technical stone

  • As much as the technical Cimstone is suitable for private homes. As much and even more it is applicable in professional kitchens in restaurants, pastry shops, bakeries, bars, canteens, mother kitchens, catering companies, etc. It is extremely easy and quick to maintain and clean the technical stone. It does not retain dirt, viruses, germs and bacteria. And as we know, hygiene in the kitchen, be it our personal one at home or the one in the restaurant. Where we eat, or from which we order food for the office is of utmost importance. Especially during a global pandemic. Cimstone technical stone has food safety certification. This document confirms that it is absolutely safe to prepare food directly on the countertop without the risk of salmonella and e-coli.

Apart from kitchen countertops, the Cimstone technical stone from AR Commerce is suitable for bar floors and receptions in hotels and office buildings, shops, staircases in shopping malls, hotels and other public buildings – schools, kindergartens.

However, let’s not forget one very important application of technical stone – for sanitary facilities. Again in both private and public spaces. Bathrooms and toilets are extremely sensitive in terms of hygiene, and this is where the choice of Cimstone technical stone comes in, with its antibacterial qualities contributing to easier and safer maintenance of excellent hygiene, even in public sanitary facilities with high human traffic, such as shopping malls, cinemas, restaurants and others.

Applications in hospitals and laboratories

One more specific, but not to be overlooked application of Cimstone technical stone from AR Commerce is that in hospital settings and laboratories. As we know, in this type of public establishments, hygiene is also of great importance. We are used to seeing hospitals abroad white, sparkling with cleanliness and bright. This can also be achieved in Bulgaria with the help of Cimstone technical stone.

The wide range of colours and textures gives unlimited possibilities for interior solutions – standard, classic or more modern and extravagant. All kinds of options are possible – for every taste and requirement. If you are an investor of a private home, a family hotel, an office building or a private hospital, if you are an interior designer with a wild imagination or a manufacturer of quality kitchen furniture, do not hesitate to take a closer look at the advantages of Cimstone technical stone. here, or ask us for a quote in the form.

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