About Cimstone

In today’s reality we spend more and more time at home. Be it because of the modern home office (working from home) or because of home, online or distance learning. Our home is increasingly our refuge. The place where we feel safe and secure, but also the comfortable environment we love to be in.

Hygiene and easy maintenance of the main and most difficult to maintain rooms in our home, such as the kitchen and bathroom, are increasingly becoming key for us. Here the use of the right interior materials is of particular importance. Choosing the Cimstone technical stone that we can use for countertops, kitchen backs, flooring, in the kitchen and bathroom is one such right choice for the aesthetic look and hygiene in our home.

Places inhabited for long hours by people

There are, however, other spaces, places inhabited for long hours by people who cannot work or study from home. Places requiring no less attention in terms of hygiene. Without neglecting the ease of operation and maintenance and not least aesthetics and comfort for the occupants. These are hospitals, medical centres, clinical laboratories, sanatoriums, hospices and homes for the elderly, nurseries and kindergartens, dental and dermatological clinics, pharmaceutical industries, pharmacies and many others.

Due to the specificity of their activity, these premises and buildings require extremely high hygiene, they are also set up according to specific standards set even in legal norms. Here, the Cimstone technical stone offered by AR Commerce in Bulgaria is undoubtedly the best solution for even the most delicate premises. The smoothness of the tops, the lack of cracks and bumps makes them comfortable and safe to work with chemical materials and even with slight spills, cleaning is quick and easy.

Technical Cimstone is extremely strong and resistant over time. Even with daily and very active work on it, it will remain intact for years to come.

And the wide range of colours that AR Commerce offers will satisfy even the most daring ideas of the interior designer of the site. Therefore owners of clinics, laboratories, dermatological and cosmetic centers, dental, human and veterinary doctors. All of you who have specific activities, industries or offer services that require a high level of hygiene on the countertops and floors of the premises where you work. If you are about to renovate or open a new facility, turn to AR Commerce! Order the Cimstone technical stone here: