About Cimstone

1. Professional service

Don’t be an expert in everything! When you need technical advice, especially when making a long-term investment such as building and furnishing a home, it is right to trust a professional.

Your interior designer certainly has an important role to play in this process, but in terms of choosing the material to build the countertops in your kitchen и bathroom, you can also benefit from professional technical advice and tailoring to your household’s specific needs, your budget, and your style and colour preferences.

This is where the role of specialists comes in, as we are at AR Commerce – importer and trader of Cimstone technical stone. Our experts will consult you individually and offer you the best solution for you.

2. Speed of delivery

Time is precious for each of us and we at AR Commerce value it! We will respond to your inquiry within 48 hours and more! We will offer you a suitable option and offer for your needs. And our stock in our warehouse in Sofia is sufficient so that we can realize fast delivery in a very short time.

3. Quality installation

Not only will we supply the Cimstone technical stone for you, we will also offer you a quality, reliable and fast installation. We have teams of professionals with years of experience who will take the exact measurements, prepare and install the stone in the desired locations in your kitchen or bathroom. Professional advice, fast delivery and quality installation are the factors that contribute to make the right choice, namely the technical stone Cimstone, from AR Commerce! However, the advantages of the stone itself – created from quartz – beautiful and timeless, are definitely the most important when making the decision. You can read more about them here.