About Cimstone

The most popular use for Cimstone technical stone is undoubtedly for kitchen worktops. There it is most applicable, most practical and most common. But this is not the end of its purpose.

The second most common use of Cimstone quartz technical stone imported into Bulgaria by AR Commerce is the bathroom and sanitary facilities in general.

As in our home, so in any other building, be it private or public, that has its own sanitary facilities – from hotels and spas, to restaurants, patisseries and cafes, gas stations, airports and train stations, to medical centres, laboratories and hospitals, shopping malls, schools, kindergartens and much more.

Technical stone in the bathroom

Why is the use of technical quartz stone advisable not only in the kitchen but also in the bathroom as well as in any other room where hygiene is of utmost importance?

In damp areas such as the bathroom, surfaces should not be porous to avoid becoming a breeding ground for bacteria and mould. The surface of Cimstone Technical Quartz Stone Countertops, unlike marble and granite, is absolutely smooth and hygienic certified. For this reason it is 100% suitable for lining bathrooms and sanitary facilities.

An equally important factor when choosing a material for bathroom cladding is practicality in terms of ease of maintenance. It is important in our private home where we raise our children. But it is no less important in public sanitary facilities where there is a high human traffic. And where hygiene requirements are also high, especially in a global pandemic such as the current one.

Maintaining Cimstone quartz stone surfaces is also extremely easy. Even passing a damp cloth over the countertop brings back its shine as on the first day of installation. For basic cleaning, use a little liquid detergent with a soft sponge. Abrasive products and detergents that contain hydrochloric acid are not recommended. Easy and quick maintenance inevitably extends the life of surfaces in sanitary facilities, regardless of the intensity of use.

The aesthetic pleasure that quartz stone delivers, with its style and varied colour range, is also not to be underestimated. Hygiene, practicality, durability and beauty….What are you waiting for, haven’t you already made your choice?