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Technical stone is similar to natural stone in a number of properties, but there is one difference. It is that, it is much more convenient both for handling and for maintenance. Due to these great advantages, it is often preferred and chosen when furnishing the home. With it you can achieve stylish design, strength and closeness to nature.

Cimstone technical quartz based stone is applicable in a range of rooms – from the bathroom and kitchen to the hotel and laboratory. The wide range of colours also makes it perfect for details in the home, giving the perfect finishing touch to the design. Wondering where in the home you can place a tech stone? Today you will find out.

The technical stone at home: why choose it?


Interior design and the choice of materials to clad the walls and floors of a home have never been more important. We are all looking for comfort and coziness in our own home, and this coziness is achieved not only through furniture and colour solutions, but also by choosing the right materials.

Technical stone, is becoming an increasingly popular choice when renovating and styling homes. This natural decorative material not only adds aesthetics and style to any space, but also offers a number of practical benefits. We’ll take a look at why technical stone deserves attention and why we prefer it in our homes.


Timeless and elegant style | Technical Stone


Engineered stone, also known as “stone of the future,” has a unique ability to provide timeless and elegant style to any space. With its texture and shades, this material gives an exclusive, elegant look to walls, floors and ornaments. From noble greys to warm and rich tones, technical stone fits perfectly into any interior concept.

Technical stone: durability and toughness


One of the most important advantages of technical stone is its durability. This material is resistant to scratches, impacts and heavy loads. It retains its beauty and quality for years and even decades. Technical stone is ideal for heavily used areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and hallways.

Easy to maintain and clean


Another significant advantage of engineered stone is its ease of maintenance and cleaning. Due to its properties, this material does not absorb stains and liquids. This makes it very easy to clean and maintain. With daily care and appropriate cleaning products, the technical stone remains in perfect condition over the years.

Environmental friendliness and sustainability | Technical Stone


The free petroleum origin and the low percentage of harmful emissions make technical stone an extremely environmentally friendly and sustainable material. This natural stone is mined from extremely pure sources and contains no harmful substances. Technical stone is not only beautiful but also meets the requirements for sustainable construction and design.



Engineered stone offers a huge variety of options, from different textures and colors to different sizes and shapes. This material can be used to create various design concepts and architectural solutions. From modern and minimalist to classic and retro, technical stone fits perfectly into any interior design.

Technical stone – Investment in quality and value


Choosing engineered stone for your home isn’t just a decorative decision – it’s also an investment in the quality and value of your property.

This material increases the value of the home and provides reliability and durability over the years. With technical stone your home becomes not only beautiful, but also functional!

Technical stone is an ideal choice for anyone looking for aesthetics, functionality and sustainability in their home. This natural material offers a number of advantages that make it inevitable in the construction of modern and beautiful interiors. Not only does it add style and beauty, but it also improves the quality of life in your home.

With technical stone, you’re investing in quality and value that will continue to delight you over the years. Feel free to explore the variety of options this material provides and incorporate technical stone into your home’s design.

Kitchen sink


The most common room in which technical stone is used is the kitchen. It’s very suitable for countertop fabrication as it doesn’t retain bacteria, it’s easy to clean and maintain and of course, it’s really beautiful. But let’s share a few more unconventional uses of stone in the kitchen that will give a dreamy finish. Did you know you can use Cimstone to make sinks and backsplashes for your kitchen?

This trend is gaining extreme popularity because it creates a luxurious and pleasant feeling. In addition, technical stone is very easy to maintain, which means that by choosing Cimstone for your sink, you will definitely be satisfied and save yourself the effort and time spent cleaning.

Cladding of staircase


An unconventional but very good application of technical stone is the cladding of a staircase. This could definitely be the perfect finish you’ve been looking for for your home! The variety of colours and patterns on offer will give you the opportunity to choose the perfect range, and you can go for something a little more simple, or something a lot more detailed for a special effect.

Manufacture of furniture


Did you know that engineered stone can be used to make furniture, such as a table, mirror frame, dressing table and more? What better finishing touch to your home or hotel than a design like this?

Here, apart from the colour combinations, it is important to mention the sturdiness of the technical stone, which can be of great benefit when using such furniture, especially those that will be used on a daily basis.

Technically, quartz-based Cimstone can be all your furniture needs to look finished and luxurious. Apart from beauty, this stone also guarantees you real strength and easy maintenance. If you have any questions and inquiries – contact us! We will be happy to be of service and together we will choose the most suitable solution for your room.