About Cimstone

At the core of every business is its vision, namely the values that are professed. This makes the business unique, different and special. For us, the AR Commerce team, the customer and their satisfaction with quality and variety are at the heart of our business and values. We offer Cimstone, a technical quartz-based stone that achieves exceptional elegance in rooms. The manufacturing process, as well as the operation of Cimstone Technical Quartz Stone countertops, minimizes its impact on nature. We also contribute to the convenience and ease of everyday life for our customers, as Cimstone engineered stone countertops are very easy to maintain and last over time.

Cimstone Technical Stone – Quality and Variety

For Cimstone, quality means absolute customer satisfaction with the product, its price and overall service. The high quality to which we adhere starts with the selection of raw materials and continues in many processes until it finally reaches the consumer as a perfect product.

For us, our main goal is to provide quality stone that is elegant, easy to clean and completely hygienic. Cimstone technical stone is easy to clean, does not retain water and stains. It is elegant, making it part of the perfect home furnishings. In addition, it is also extremely hygienic.

Cimstone is created from pure natural quartz combined with polyester resin and pigments. This makes it a durable, compact material with a unique sheen. Unlike natural stones such as marble, Cimstone technical quartz stone has no cracks and roughness. This protects it from the penetration of liquids, the retention of stains and makes cleaning it much easier. In addition, the smooth surface does not allow bacteria to grow. Cimstone is scratch and acid resistant and can hardly be damaged by olive oil, lemon, or spices.

We value variety and strive to offer you that. That’s why we offer 32 colours to choose from. You can also choose from different patterns to satisfy even the most demanding taste.

Sustainable environment

Environmental sustainability is one of the company’s top priorities, as we at AR Commerce value nature. In the production of Cimstone technical stone, the most advanced technologies are used, in order to ensure that the amount of the source that is converted into the final product does not exceed 40%. This makes production as environmentally friendly as possible. The remaining natural waste is converted into a high added value product.

Cimstone does not harm the environment and successfully contributes to its sustainability by minimising the resources it uses and the waste it disposes of. Every drop of water is conserved in production by reusing purified water. This minimizes energy and water consumption.

Cimstone stone is extremely high quality and lasts for years. That’s what makes it also caring for the environment and natural resources, which are not inexhaustible, because by purchasing a quartz-based engineered stone product, you are getting a long-lasting countertop. This will minimize the purchase of other ones in your home and reduce excess consumption.

Cimstone is an exceptional quality technical stone that guarantees many years of trouble-free use, easy maintenance and beauty and elegance in your home. High quality, diversity and environmental sustainability are core values of Cimstone and this makes it a great choice for everyone. A variety of models can be found on the AR Commerce website.