About Cimstone

Over the past two years or so, we have all spent more time at home, which has made us think about home comfort and coziness and led to undertaking more renovations and interior changes. Many of us have also taken the step to invest in new and more spacious homes because of the need for more rooms and space in the home for home office and distance learning children. If you have decided to renovate the heart of your home – the kitchen or you are furnishing a new home and want to keep up with fashion, here are the new kitchen trends for 2022:

Light and space

Light colours and spaciousness are one of the main trends in the new year. Light colors add to the feeling of spaciousness that makes light countertops a trend. Cimstone offers quartz countertops in 32 different colors that can be the perfect finishing touch to a spacious kitchen. The different shades of colors give the quartz countertop visual appeal and organic depth.

Attention to the details

The details are defining for a stylish kitchen in 2022. The perfect design is not cluttered, but well polished, elegant and beautiful. Investing in a durable and good looking material is definitely in fashion. The technical quartz stone countertops you can find at Cimstone have an organic texture and incredible hue.

In the production of the material, the quartz pebbles can be distributed in different ways, resulting in a specific difference in color shade. This is one unique detail that makes Cimstone countertops different from all others.

Soft look – kitchen trends 2022

A mix of comfort and elegance is one of the main trends in the kitchen in 2022. This is highlighted in the removal of harsh, cold lines and the softening of the look through rounded ones. The oval finish, creating a feeling of softness, takes the place of the straight and rigid structure.

The quartz-based composite material found in Cimstone can satisfy even the most daring design ideas. In addition to a variety of colors, you can take advantage of the many treatments that include different types of rounding and edging.

Laminate is slowly going away

Technical surfaces are slowly taking the place of laminate in 2022. Why? Because they offer a wide range of colours and designs and significantly easier maintenance and cleaning. Of course they are also much more durable and long lasting over time.

Countertops made from Cimstone Technical Quartz Stone are smooth and very easy to clean. They do not need special maintenance, nor do they need periodic varnish application. Cleaning these countertops is done with just a soft cloth and detergent, and the smooth surface prevents liquids from penetrating and staining.

Goal: ecology – kitchen trends 2022

One of the interior trends in 2022 is a kitchen that is good for our planet. This leads to the replacement of materials such as plastics with natural and more durable ones. This makes bamboo breadware and glass jars very popular.

But, the kitchen is much more than its accessories. Cimstone strictly complies with environmental requirements. Waste is recycled, natural resources are used wisely and wastewater is filtered.

Additionally, engineered stone countertops are resistant to cracking, do not absorb liquids and do not retain stains. Cimstone countertops are durable over time, making the need for a new countertop and disposal of the old one a much rarer situation. This in turn leads to less waste and a happier planet. Give yourself comfort, space, aesthetics and do it with proper care for nature. Trust us, we’ll take care of the rest. For more information and inquiries: