About CimstoneQuartz

The bathroom is a room in the home that always gets special attention. Have you decided to renovate and freshen it up? Great! In order to be prepared and point your imagination in the right direction, you need to be aware of the trends for 2022 and they are here:

Marble is back

Although marble slabs are nothing new, trends show that they are more preferred than ever. Black and white marble turn out to be some of the most desirable colours, even sometimes in combination. Another extremely popular combination is white marble with gold, prominent and rough threads. Cimstone offers quartz countertops in a variety of designs, including marble ones.


Flowers, greenery, even small trees- all these are in the trends for the bathroom in 2022. Whether it’s because this particular scenery was missing during the pandemic, or because it gives that luxurious, exotic feeling, we don’t know. But it is a fact that plants are gaining more and more popularity in bathroom furnishing.

Black bathrooms and black details

For 2022, the most preferred bathroom themes are black. The dark colour has always given it a luxurious feel, and combined with wood and plants it can transport us to a real spa. Cimstone quartz stone is also available in these much-loved dark colours.

Black detailing is also on trend, as finishing a bathroom with black detailing can add a sense of elegance and sophistication, especially when paired with a contrasting colour. Black taps, faucets and light fixtures are a very good start, extremely popular right now.

The neutral palette is always in fashion

Aside from marble and dark colors, a neutral palette is also on the trends for bathroom design in 2022. The use of one colour or material throughout the room is preferred, as this gives a feeling of freshness, especially in combination with the right, bold accents. With Cimstone quartz stone, you can find over 10 neutral shades to use for your bathroom furniture.

Lighting fixtures

While the trend of providing natural light in the bathroom never gets old, one of the latest squeals of fashion involves ice fixtures matching the details of the bathroom. Usually placed in a cubicle, or in the shower compartment.

Benches and stools

Yes, even if it sounds a bit strange, benches and stools are one of the strongest bathroom furniture trends in 2022. The bathroom is gradually becoming more than just a place to take a shower, and benches and stools, which are used by ladies while they make up or as a bathroom accessory, are becoming more and more popular.


The bathroom is a room exposed to constant moisture. That is why it has to be built of sustainable materials. The countertops that Cimstone offers are extremely durable over time, resistant to cracking, do not absorb liquids and do not retain stains.

Eco-friendliness continues to be on trend when furnishing any room in the home. At Cimstone, environmental requirements are strictly observed, waste is recycled and natural resources are used wisely.