About Cimstone

In the season of renovations, one of the rooms we often dream of renovating and refurbishing is the bathroom. And if we’re planning the interior of our new home, the bathroom or bathrooms in it definitely deserve our attention.

The bathroom is the place where we and our family members spend quite a bit of our time. Be it in the daily care of your hygiene or in the time for relaxation and beauty treatments.

What features would we like our dream bathroom to have?

Being one of the most intimate places in our home, the place that predisposes us to relaxation and rest, surely the bathroom should match our aesthetic vision – in colour and style. But that is not enough! The bathroom must also meet some very important technical and practical requirements. Namely – strength and durability over time; easy maintenance, to be protected from moisture, which is inevitable in this type of premises.

In order to meet these requirements, we must pay particular attention to the main ingredients of our bathroom and the materials from which they are built. And these are: the countertop, the sink, the flooring, the wall cladding, etc.

There are a multitude of materials, both natural and man-made, that we have seen applied in various bathroom interior solutions. Another question is how suitable they are and how long they last and do they keep their original appearance after intensive use.

One of the few materials applicable in most of the above places in the bathroom – countertop, sink, tiling, etc., is the technical stone Cimstone, imported to Bulgaria by the trading company AR Commerce. Cimstone meets both technical and practical requirements and has stood the test of time.

Available in a wide range of colours, Cimstone will satisfy the taste of even the most daring interior designers. Its strength, thanks to quartz, one of the hardest minerals in nature, is proven. And its smooth surface and lack of roughness and cracks favours its easy maintenance and practicality in operation. These and more are the reasons why you should choose the right material for your bathroom – Cimstone technical stone from AR Commerce! The choice is easy!