Natural materials in nature are the foundation of the quality interior products that surround our homes and offices. Advances in science and technology, however, make it possible to improve these natural materials and make them more practical and durable over time.

Technical stone contains 93% natural materials such as quartz, granite and marble and only 7% polyester resin, which has very good physicochemical properties. Thus, technical quartz stone proven by scientific research has much better performance than natural stone in terms of strength, heat resistance, acid resistance and antibacteriality.

There are countless advantages of technical stone over 100% natural stone because of the technology used to produce it. Synthesizing the starting substances in a laboratory way results in uniformity of color range. The options for colour combinations, veins, shades and effects as well as their combinations are numerous. And not only that, with technical quartz stone, these colors last long over time. No colour wear.

Due to its density and perfectly smooth surface, the life of bacteria or microorganisms on it is impossible. Maintenance is extremely easy, just one wipe with a damp cloth is all it takes. No stains remain. This is extremely important for kitchen countertops, which are one of the most exploited spaces in the home and on which all kinds of raw and processed products, spices, sauces, beverages and more are placed. Unlike natural stone, which has gouges and cracks, with technical stone nothing seeps into the stone and it is not damaged by contact with strong acids vinegar, lemon, coffee or wine. The shine remains preserved over time without the need for re-polishing.

Technical stone is produced in huge panels, the so-called weaknesses, and this results in very few joints and joints.

It is scratch, heat, chemical and stain resistant. All this has been proven as a result of many experiments conducted in laboratory and natural environments. Forget about the hassle of cleaning and maintaining the countertop and enjoy the culinary experience! It is undeniable that technological alternatives to natural stone outperform them on a number of indicators. So, it is only logical to bet on this sensible and practical choice.

Not to be overlooked is the fact that technical stone worktops have antibacterial protection and through them we get a really high level of surface hygiene, extremely important in a room like the kitchen.

That doesn’t mean we’re going to ignore aesthetics. On the contrary!

Technical stone removes the restrictions on colours and patterns and allows interior designers to unleash their imagination and creativity wherever their imagination takes them. The favorites in color choice are white and black. And “unblemished white” is already a reality we live in, and the possibility of fully integrating the colour of the countertop with that of the kitchen sink is also available.

It is not uncommon for interior designers to assign the kitchen worktop the role of accent or “jewel” of the kitchen/living room. A technical stone worktop is able to fulfil this role 100% through its many colour options, with the end result often exceeding even the wildest expectations.

The advantages of engineered stone kitchen worktops can be summed up in two main directions – practicality and attractive appearance. With developments in both directions in recent years being breakneck because of advances in technology, the strength and durability of stone is unsurpassed and the design solutions are limitless.

The applications of engineered quartz stone are far from limited to kitchen countertops. It is also extremely suitable bathroom countertops, countertops for laboratories and healthcare organizations, reception desks, flooring, facades, cladding, staircases, skirting boards, decorative solutions, etc. What home, office, hotel, restaurant or clinic owner wouldn’t want to be surrounded by durable, easy to clean and maintain and beautiful materials.

The brands of technical quartz stone that AR Commerce offers on the Bulgarian market are Cimstone, Belenco and Coante. All of them, besides the undeniable technical characteristics they carry, are so beautiful that even nature sometimes envies them! They bring comfort and coziness into the lives of customers and remain in perfect condition for years. The options available from the three brands of engineered stone imported by AR Commerce are suitable for both classic, modernist and industrial style kitchens and will meet all design solutions and needs.

AR Commerce has a large stock, which implies very fast deliveries. And to see all this variety and get professional advice and the best prices on the market, you can contact us HERE.

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