About Cimstone

When we hear about engineered stone, we immediately think of kitchen countertops. Possibly kitchen backsplashes, and maybe sinks constructed from this material. We know for sure that we can use it very well for the bathroom interior.

Apart from these few more standard solutions, however, Cimstone technical stone, from AR Commerce, can also be used in other ways. As in cladding, flooring, staircases, and some even more unusual furniture. For example, a countertop under a fireplace or lining a TV wall, or even when making some furniture such as a coffee table, dressing table, mirror frame, etc.

What are the benefits of these unconventional uses of Cimstone – a technical stone created from quartz, beautiful and timeless? They are not small at all!

Perhaps one of the most important pluses is the variety of color applications and patterns. They can be selected and combined in attractive variations to achieve a unique visual effect.

The strength and durability of the material is of course not to be underestimated. For flooring and steps, this is extremely important, especially when it comes to public areas with a high intensity of human traffic.

Last but not least, it should be noted that engineered stone has similar aesthetic characteristics to natural marbles and granites. The difference is that it has much better technical properties, such as uniformity, strength, smooth surface, gloss and low absorption. It has no pores and is easy to process.

As a consequence of these technical advantages, Cimstone technical stone also remains a preferred choice for its ease of maintenance and maintaining its original appearance for years to come. And to get more information on your specific request, please fill out the feedback form below the article and a representative will get back to you within 24 hours.