About Cimstone

As a country renowned for its developed tourism, Bulgaria has numerous Black Sea, mountain, spa and other resorts, which have hundreds of hotels. The big cities are the environment for business and conference hotels. Over the past year and in the context of the Kovid 19 pandemic, the hotel industry has been severely affected. There were hotels that did not survive and those that successfully passed through the crisis.

Success factors for a hotel

What are the factors that support the success of a hotel and its business sustainability?

First and foremost, undoubtedly, as with any business service, is customer care. Only if he is satisfied will he return as a guest of the hotel and recommend it to his friends. Secondly, a determining factor for the success of a hotel and even more so for getting through periods of crisis is the effective management of maintenance costs, as we all know that real estate generates large costs.

Regarding the first criterion for success, namely customer retention, it should be noted that one of the most important details that would turn away guests of a hotel is poor hygiene. This topic is particularly sensitive during a global pandemic. Hygiene should be perfect everywhere, but there are two key places where the gaps are very visible and even unacceptable. These are the sanitary facilities and places where food is prepared. In both places, the main place in their construction is occupied by the countertops – the countertop in the bathrooms of the hotel rooms and in the common bathrooms, the countertop in the living room bar or the pastry shop of the hotel, and the countertop in the kitchen of the restaurant of the hotel.

A seemingly small detail, but at the same time – extremely important!

Selection of suitable material

Choosing the right material for the construction of these countertops, in the kitchens and bathrooms of a hotel, can be crucial to its success!

Ease of maintenance and durability over time. And beautiful looks are just some of the many benefits of good countertop material. The material that meets all these requirements. As well as many others, is the technical stone Cimstone, imported and represented in Bulgaria by AR Commerce. Cimstone is made of natural material – quartz. This makes the countertops extremely smooth, resistant to the effects of time and resistant to possible spills. The material is non-porous and non-absorbent. It is cleaned quickly and easily with just a cloth, even without detergents. Available in a wide range of colours, Cimstone is suitable for building a variety of styles of hotel interiors. From modernist, to retro-modernist, vintage, Scandinavian, Mediterranean and more.

What you gain with the technical stone

Good maintenance of key rooms in the home and hotel is important not only for retaining customers, but also for attracting new ones. The easy and quick care of the premises saves hoteliers costs on cleaning agents and machines. Not to mention the hours of labour saved by the maintenance staff.

Not to mention that the durability of Cimstone technical stone to scratches and breakage under intensive use and often not very careful exploitation by the guests of a hotel, saves not a little money on repairs and replacement. In conclusion, we can say that the countertops for kitchens and bathrooms from the Cimstone brand are an extremely suitable choice for hotel and guest house furnishing. Because they will not only provide a comfortable living, hygienic environment and aesthetics for hotel guests, but will also save money for years to come and indirectly contribute to the success of the business.