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Shaping quartz mineral which is one of the hardest mineral in nature with the state-of-art technology of the present day, Çimstone offers elegant, robust and hygienic counters for kitchens and bathrooms.

Displaying a high wear and scratch resistance thanks to the quartz mineral of 7 mohs hardness which comprises its composition, Çimstone takes the radiance and robustness of the quartz mineral to surfaces.

Thanks to quartz which, with its hardness of 7 mohs, considerably approaches the hardness of diamond which has a hardness of 10 mohs in the Mohs hardness scale, Çimstone is not scratched by metallic or similar materials and displays an intensive wear resistance even in spaces with high circulation for a life time.

Having a high flexural and impact resistance, Çimstone does not easily crack nor break during cutting and transportation. Further, quartz which is one of the stones with the highest curative properties stimulates brain functions. It removes any negative energy and attracts positive energy occurring around an individual.

Carrying the energy of quartz to your living spaces, Çimstone preserves its first day’s outlook for many years.