About Cimstone

Every new year gives us a new opportunity to rethink our furniture. As well as to create more comfort, style and beauty in our homes. Keeping up to date with the latest interior decorating trends can offer new inspiration and a breath of fresh air.

Even if 2022 is coming to an end, it’s never too late to embark on a home refresh, and to help with that we’ve put together the most popular interior decorating trends for 2022.

Interesting shapes

In 2022, we will continue to see a lot of rounded furniture. Including curved chair backs, sloping sofa arms, rounded corners and curved accents. This trend is quite similar to many people’s favourite boho style. But curves and arches can also be a stylish and elegant addition to the home.

Whether you love or hate the trend, curves add instant personality to a space. They create a feeling of softness and femininity. And in 2022, we may see a lot of curved architectural elements in the home. Including arch-shaped doors, chairs with a more specific shape and curved countertops on kitchen islands.

Luxury in moderation

In 2022, decor trends have led to luxurious changes in the home, even in the most unexpected spaces like the basement, garage, laundry room and mudroom. But, you don’t necessarily have to do a complete renovation to give a space a luxurious feel.

This can be easily achieved by adding luxurious touches to the home using details such as wallpaper, paintings, luxury duvets, scented soaps and candles by the bathroom sink. As part of the luxury trend, we will also see marble elements making a comeback in the design world. However, we can never go wrong with adding marble in moderation!

Space for rest

We all want our home to be just as comfortable as it looks, that’s why in 2022, sensory experiences in the home are all the rage. The home now feels more like a place to rest, work and truly relax at the same time, so things like lighting, sound and comfort are also taking a big hit.

You can easily create a relaxing space at home by incorporating cozy and comfortable furniture, soft blankets, soothing lighting and relaxing color palettes. This will successfully create the mood you want.

Nature at home

In 2022, the main trend is inspired by nature and the love of bringing the outdoors into the home. Indoor trees, especially lemon and olive trees planted in large pots, take centre stage in the home.

As houseplants purify the air, create a calming effect and promote well-being, it’s no wonder that growing plants, plant propagation, natural design, vertical plant walls and indoor gardens are more popular than ever.

Textured fabrics

Textured fabrics are gaining in popularity. Maybe it’s because we’ve been spending a lot of time at home lately, or maybe it’s because cosy fabrics like velvet are very trendy. The soft fabrics not only feel amazing, but also look luxurious.

If you choose velvet to accent your home, the combination with the cold shine of metal will definitely bring a luxurious touch to the interior.

Cimstone products are stylish and elegant, in a variety of colours and finishes. They are a perfect solution for modern trends where style and high quality are held in high esteem. Contact us for more details!