About Cimstone

The colors of 2022 are entirely inspired by nature. They bring calm and serenity to the home. According to many experts, 2022 will usher in a trend involving lighter and earthier tones as well as bright ones accenting interiors. From dusty blues and delicate greens to warm earth tones, all the design and colour trends for the home are full of optimism and relaxation. Have you decided to renovate or refresh your home? Wonderful! Here are the trendiest interior design colours for 2022.

Green colours inspired by nature

The colours that set the tone for 2022 reflect people’s desire to get as close to nature as possible. Green colours are highly requested and easily add a twist to timeless classics. You can choose either a subtle shade or a brighter one, depending on the room.

The cool green colours combine beautifully with wood and other natural elements, which are definitely in fashion this year. The soft green shades add vitality to the room and combine beautifully with natural foliage such as plants.

Neutral light colours

Grey is slowly being replaced by creamy white and beige as neutral light colours take a major place in the trends for 2022. These trendy but unobtrusive colours will remain popular for years to come.

Neutral colours can be used throughout the house, creating a feeling of true spaciousness. This colour trend blends perfectly with the gaining popularity of minimalism in interior design. And besides, the neutral shades blend easily with any color. With Cimstone quartz stone, you can find over 10 neutral shades to perfectly fit into the design of the home.

Light and bright yellow – citron

With the 70’s retro style making a comeback, we’ll also see cheerful pops of colour in yellows and pastels to help create a modern and playful look. As we spend more and more time at home, it’s about designing spaces that embody happiness.

Yellow colours pair well with textured accessories, luxury textiles and other interior design trends we expect to evolve in 2022. Citron is a shade of yellow that carries the sun within it. It’s bright and bold and will warm your home while bringing energy and freshness.

Bold shades of blue

In addition to light and soft blues, we’ll also see its bold shades used as accents throughout the home. In 2022, it will display a carefree confidence, encouraging ingenuity and creativity.

Aubergine colour is gaining a lot of popularity, being suitable for flooring and accent laid on one of the walls in the room. This shade combines very well with neutral colours and wooden furniture. Cimstone’s quartz stone comes in a variety of colors, including bold shades of blue.

Dark earth tones

Rich, darker shades of earth tones that carry a sense of stability are gaining a lot of popularity for bedrooms and living rooms in 2022. They create a luxurious atmosphere, and when combined with soft wood tones and contrasting pastel colours, these tones can create a soothing and welcoming atmosphere.

The dark shades give us stability – something many crave after two years of uncertainty. Earth tones help us feel calm, no matter what is going on in the outside world. As nature-inspired decor and natural elements continue to grow, earth tones will continue to be relevant. You can find different varieties of dark colors with Cimstone quartz stone.

Cimstone is a technical quartz-based stone that combines the beauty of natural stone and the strength of quartz. Available in as many as 32 colours, each design can be fully customised. Contact us for more information.