About Cimstone

I bring my positive energy to customers, in their homes and workplaces, through the beautiful Cimstone Technical Quartz Countertops!

My name is Annie Hinova and I have been importing and trading natural and technical stone for 20 years. For me, outside of work, family is a top priority and my beautiful, still young son is the most important thing in my life. I have a background in economics and law and this combination helps me a lot in the business I am in.

What is the nature of your work and why did you decide to do it?

The main activity of the company AR Commerce Ltd is import and trade of technical stone Cimstone – created from quartz, beautiful and eternal. I like to say that the meeting of the colors of nature with the durability of quartz, brings our Cimstone products to life. Our stone can be used for kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, hotels, labs and reception areas.

I’ve dabbled in natural stones as well, but I think the future belongs to technical stone. I’m in love with stones and I believe that the trade is my calling. I love my job and it gives me great pleasure and satisfaction.

Quite by accident 20 years ago I decided to do this and since then stone has become my passion. Working with clients gives me a lot of positive emotions and I work 24/7 and 365 days a year.

Why in Bulgaria?

Many years ago I thought about moving to America to live, I even stayed there for a while, but I think Bulgaria is my place. The “stone” weighs in its place and I believe that there are chances for good business in Bulgaria, that’s why I develop entrepreneurial activity. I hope very much that the situation in Bulgaria will change for the better and that we will succeed in turning the country into a great place to live and do business for our children. I am optimistic!

What is the biggest challenge you have faced in your profession?

Every day there are challenges with us and we always overcome them successfully. What we did last time was manage, for a long-standing customer, to find material that had been discontinued. With a lot of effort we achieved the goal – to satisfy the client and he was very satisfied with our work together.

How did your customers , partners and you cope with the new Kovid reality?

Of course, like everyone, we were worried in the beginning, but our business is in a good position right now because of the dynamic development of construction and the fact that people turned to their homes and demanded very comfortable, beautiful and easy to maintain countertops. And we can offer them. Even in a situation of a global pandemic, when the emphasis on hygiene and protection against all kinds of bacteria and micro-organisms is great, we have a serious competitive advantage. Cimstone technical stone has antibacterial properties , an extremely smooth surface and is very easy to clean.

How do you take the competition?

I’m glad when we have quality competition, it makes me even more eager to work and even more competitive. I work with a number of interior designers and architects, planners, builders, kitchen furniture companies and it is very important that they get an in-depth understanding of the client’s needs so that together we can offer them the most appropriate solution.

What are you planning in the near future?

I hope we will grow our market a lot and we will be able to reach many homes in Bulgaria and maybe even outside the country. Of course, Cimstone Technical Quartz Stone is preferred for both private homes and public spaces, such as offices, hotels, restaurants, restaurants, clinics, laboratories, and more. One of our latest reference sites is Hotel Bulgaria in the town of. Burgas, and Green Deli Shop in Sofia.

Hotel Bulgaria, gr. Burgas

Fabrication and installation of technical stone – Ka En Graniti Ltd – gr. Burgas
Interior photography – Atanas Zgurev
Green Deli Shop – gr. Sofia
Interior design and project management – The Fever Lab Ltd, Alexandra Karpuzova
Manufacturing and installation of technical stone Cimstone- Hierapolis – Stone World Ltd.
Interior photography – Atanas Zgurev
Private home – gr. Sofia
Interior design and project management – Kala Design Studio, Yana Mechkarova
Manufacturing and installation of technical stone Cimstone – Stone World Ltd.

What is your message or advice to the readers of the magazine?

What I believe is that with effort and hard work, goals are achieved. I never give up, even in difficult moments. My work brings me a lot of pleasure and I transfer all the positive energy to my clients. I can say that hard times make us stronger, so never give up on your dreams! Sooner or later , when we have made the necessary efforts, things happen. Thank you!

For more information you can contact us:

AR Commerce Ltd.

Sofia 1404, Bulgaria, Riccardo Vaccarini Str. N8, A22

Tel: +359888959843

E-mail: info@arcommerce.bg