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In the process of furnishing or renovating a room, the choice of colours is a crucial step. Today we will focus on color choices in the bathroom, discussing the basic rules for making this decision, as well as the most common combinations.

Basic rules in color choices for the bathroom

The main rules to keep in mind when choosing the colours for your bathroom are 3. The first one is the “Rule of 3 colours” which helps in choosing the right colour scheme. This rule states that in the bathroom there should be three colors – 70% light color, 20% neutral and 10% contrasting one.

The second rule is “The %-30%”, which states that complementing two shades in the 70/30 scheme will provide the perfect result. It is recommended that 70% should be the lighter colour, while 30% the darker, especially in small bathrooms that need to be enlarged.

The third rule is known as the “Rule of the Dominant Shade” and it states that the same color palette that prevails throughout the home should be integrated into the bathroom.

The most common color combinations for the bathroom

Bathroom design can be a real challenge, especially when it comes to colour choices. Today we have prepared for you the most popular colour combinations that are often found and will always be in fashion.

Blue, brown and white

The combination of blue, brown and white is very popular for bathroom furniture as it gives the perfect balance between contemporary and traditional. Light colours give space and tenderness, while dark adds depth. Some people choose wooden materials, or tiles imitating wood. Technically Cimstone can contribute to the finished look of a bathroom, with one of the appropriate colours for this colour range being Hermes.

White and beige

The combination of white and beige has always been in fashion as it successfully makes any bathroom look spacious and welcoming, giving a feeling of cleanliness. It is recommended to use one shade of creamy white as well as one shade of beige, and then you can bring depth to the room by choosing darker details. A Cimstone technical stone worktop in Etna could be the perfect detail a light-coloured bathroom needs.

White, black and marble

One of the most common combinations used in bathrooms is exactly that between black, white and marble. It’s a timeless classic that fits the bathroom more than perfectly, creating a feeling of luxury and cleanliness. It is recommended to use mostly white, black to create depth and marble as a detail.

Technically Cimstone stone can fit great on a bathroom in these shades as the most suitable colors are Olympos and Nephila.

Cimstone stone comes in a great variety of colors that can be perfectly implemented in the bathroom design. Technical quartz stone is a great choice for the countertop in the bathroom, as well as for beautiful details that can be placed on the wall. Check out the colors in which you can purchase Cimstone here and contact us for a free consultation! We look forward to seeing you!