Large format and high quality ceramic tiles are increasingly used for kitchen worktops, wall cladding and original interior decoration. Why? Because they look beautiful. Their patterns incredibly resemble those of natural stones. These materials are much lighter, the slabs are thinner, and the price per square meter is attractive. Their maintenance is easier than ever and the designs are truly diverse. You can find ceramic tiles in different colours and varieties, so you can contribute to a great interior.

The material

The material is resistant to UV rays, chemicals, abrasion, fire, cold. It is environmentally friendly and recyclable. The patterns on ceramic plates are usually only visible on the surface. And the cut is uniform in color (the surface pattern doesn’t run through the entire volume as with natural stones or engineered quartz). In some slabs the patterns are visible throughout the thickness. Some large-format ceramics, replicating marble, onyx or granite, look impressive in their realistic 3D appearance.

The non-porous surface of ceramics is a key plus of the material. Thanks to it, all potentially harmful substances are located right on the surface instead of seeping down into the material itself. This makes it super easy to clean and sanitize, leaving a squeaky clean and undamaged countertop. Cleaning a ceramic countertop is much easier than cleaning countertops made of other materials. This is also a very big advantage, because besides an attractive look, you will also get a countertop that is easy to maintain. All you need is a damp cloth and, in more specific cases, a suitable cleaner.

Geoslab is a new step in ceramic surfaces

Geoslab is a brand focused on large format ceramics. In which the latest production technologies are applied. To create an advanced product with the best technical and aesthetic characteristics. With Geoslab, you’ll be able to enjoy your living spaces peacefully for many years to come. Because they combine aesthetics and highly resistant property.

Ceramic kitchen worktops, also known as ultra-compact worktops or sintered stone, continue to grow in popularity and there’s a reason why. They offer a wide range of sensational looks and are the hygienic stone worktops you can have in your kitchen. And who doesn’t want the best hygiene at home right now?

Unlike granite and corian, ceramic can also be installed outside and is heat and frost resistant for homes across the country. This is a huge advantage that makes ceramics an even more attractive choice for home and outdoor spaces. As well as the kitchen and bathroom, ceramic worktops can also be used in the patio and will make for a much more beautiful design and are really easy to maintain.

“One of the great things about ceramics is that it can be used anywhere,” says Sacramento-based renowned interior designer Kerry Kelly. “This material is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms with its resistance to stains, heat and water. It is also perfect for outdoor applications and eliminates the worry of sun damage as it is completely UV resistant. Large format tiles are very popular for both kitchen and bathroom and our installers are delighted when we specify the product.”

Ceramic is an extremely hard surface,

which is not prone to staining and other damage that everyday household life can cause to natural marble, but can be produced with comparable beauty thanks to manufacturing technology. Unlike marble (or granite), however, every ceramic slab is the same. If you opt for a marble look – which is one of the most popular porcelain styles used for both kitchens and bathrooms right now – you’ll be able to continue the vein of pattern through a wide wall or cabinet with slabs paired with books for a traditional sophisticated look.

Geoslab by Geogres, is offered for the first time in Bulgaria by AR Commerce. The main goal of AR Commerce is precisely to contribute to great interiors in the homes and workplaces of its customers, through beautiful, natural products and the very modern and sought-after ceramic surfaces.

The wide variety of unique colors and patterns, in gloss and matte options, combine in complete synchrony, beautiful design and exceptional strength. Combined with the durability to warm, even hot objects, the protection from the influence of UV rays coming from direct sunlight both in the interior and exterior, the easy maintenance and cleaning and its wide application for both countertops for kitchens, both for bathrooms and wall surfaces, this material is becoming highly preferred by more and more interior designers and owners of homes, hotels, offices. Undoubtedly, easy maintenance and cleaning are another major advantage of ceramic surfaces, making them even more attractive and suitable for use in the home.

Colour range

The colour range can be found on our website, where all colours have a QR code and 3D visualisation. If you have any questions, we at AR Commerce are here to answer them. Have a consultation with our professionals to find out which is the perfect solution for your home. For more information, make your inquiry here: