About CimstoneDesign

Home is an extremely important place for every person. It’s where we spend the most time, where we are surrounded by our loved ones and of course – where we feel the most relaxed. This is why a home should look good and just the way we want it to. However, major renovations can get quite expensive, so a renovation is a great idea. And we’ll tell you why renovate with Cimstone today!

Easy renewal of details in the home

To renovate and create a new atmosphere in the home, you can simply renew some details, such as the countertop in the kitchen or bathroom. Cimstone is a great choice therefore, because of its great properties and benefits. Additionally, you could add new details to your home made from technical quartz stone, such as a side table, or why not an entire sink?

If you want to do a more serious renovation, then you can use Cimstone for the back of the kitchen or even for the floor. This way you will achieve a harmonious, luxurious and very beautiful look in every room.

Easy maintenance and high hygiene

Cimstone stone is easy to maintain while providing a guarantee of high hygiene in the home. The technical quartz-based stone has a smooth, crack-free surface. This makes cleaning much easier as it does not retain liquids and other substances. You can clean it with a cloth and water as you don’t need any special detergents.

Additionally, Cimstone quartz stone has an anti-bacterial surface, making it an extremely hygienic choice for kitchens and bathrooms. You can quite safely place the food on top, making sure that it will not be contaminated afterwards.

Hardness, strength and resistance

By renovating details in your home with Cimstone, you’ll ensure years of strength and beauty. Technical quartz stone cannot be easily damaged by products such as vinegar and olive oil, while ensuring years of durability with proper maintenance.

Technical quartz stone is non-porous and very hard, making it resistant to scratches and stains. Of course, it also requires maintenance, but it is much easier than that required by natural stone.

Large choice of colours

By choosing Cimstone stone for your home renovation, you will get a choice of a wide variety of colors. You can browse over 30 colour variations, and you’re sure to find the one that would suit your taste and fit your home’s surroundings the most.

If you like marble, then Cimstone can offer you quartz stones that strongly resemble its pattern. Are you a fan of simple colours? You’ll love Cimstone’s variety of white, black, brown and grey countertops.

If you have any queries, please contact AR Commerce. We are on hand to answer any questions and together we can choose the best solution for your home renovation. We look forward to seeing you!