About Cimstone

The kitchen worktop is one of the most exploited surfaces in our home. On top of it, we place the heavy shopping bags that often contain bottles and jars. We put pots and pans on the counter, sometimes hot. We also prepare most of our food on the counter.

Another room we use very often – several times a day is the bathroom and the countertop around the sink. Often we use it for cosmetic and beauty treatments, we fix our hair and make-up, we use appliances such as a hairdryer, curling iron, as well as various cosmetic products such as hairspray, creams, polish remover and others.

How to keep your kitchen and bathroom countertop healthy and beautiful for longer?

The first condition is to choose a quality countertop material! And here the best choice is undoubtedly the technical stone Cimstone, offered in Bulgaria by AR Commerce. Why is this the most sensible solution? Cimstone is a technical stone made from quartz (93%) and resins (7%), using the Italian Breton technology! As one of the hardest materials in nature, quartz, gives Cimstone countertops the reason to be extremely durable, hygienic, aesthetic and sustainable.

Can we be careless with the countertop?

Does this mean that we can put whatever we want on the countertop and do all kinds of activities on it without thinking too much? The answer is categorically NO!

Cimstone technical stone countertops are durable, but not indestructible. They are resistant to cracks and scratches, but still damaged by very heavy objects and very strong chemicals.

Never place a hot pot directly on the counter! Always use a cutting board! This way you will preserve the look and shine of your countertop surface for many years to come! And with this type of smart use, maintaining the countertops is extremely easy. Cleaning even with just a damp cloth restores the shine of the countertop, as it was the first day it was installed. However, do not use abrasive products.

In terms of heat resistance, Cimstone countertops are much more tolerant of hot cookware. However, the sharp temperature difference can damage the surface. Therefore, it is not advisable to place the dishes directly from the stove on the counter. It is recommended to always put a pad on. Just as every detail in our home requires care and maintenance, we should also take care when operating our kitchen and bathroom countertops. However, when choosing Cimstone Technical Stone from AR Commerce, we are extremely comfortable with following the few and easy to follow rules. As a result of these facts, we can enjoy countertops with an excellent aesthetic appearance for many times longer!

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