About Cimstone

The ideal countertop should have an aesthetic value that is compatible with your choice of décor and demonstrate durability to the extent that it will not be affected for many years by the activities that will be carried out on it.

Offering the strength and aesthetic appearance you need, quartz is one of nature’s hardest minerals. It comes significantly close to the hardness of diamond, which is 10 Mohs on the Mohs hardness scale that is used to grade the hardness of minerals. The hardness of quartz is 7 Mohs.

Technical Cimstone is produced by mixing quartz, resin and various dyes. Treated with the latest technology, quartz translates into elegant, wear and scratch resistant, hygienic countertops for kitchens and bathrooms. They carry the qualities of quartz – brilliant and extremely hard.


Quartz has many more advantages than traditional alternatives such as marble and granite, which are commonly used for kitchen countertops and worktops. Technical (composite) stone is a generic name for a product created by technical means. It contains 93% quartz and 7% resins, and its qualities surpass those of natural stone in many areas.

The creation of our products begins with pure natural quartz from certified quartz quarries. We use different sized pieces which we combine with polyester resin and pigments. By means of vibrocompression, the ingredients are mixed in a vacuum environment and poured into the form of large rectangular lumps, called slabs or fasces. The material is compact, durable and has a unique shine.

Taking its strength from quartz, Cimstone countertops exhibit high wear and scratch resistance and are not damaged by metal or similar materials. They have high resistance to bending and impact. They do not crack or break easily.

Quartz is also believed to possess healing properties and stimulate brain functions. It removes negative energy and attracts positive energy. Cimstone processes the quartz mineral using state-of-the-art technology and transforms them into surfaces that add aesthetic value to living areas and change their energy. By bringing the resilience of quartz into the everyday living spaces you inhabit, Cimstone maintains its original look for years to come.